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The sun has hidden itself behind dark grey clouds. It looks like a storm is brewing towards us! Females are entering heat and males are getting more aggressive with the strong urge to mate.
Tribe & Pride statics

Crater Lake Pride

Kings: Nuka

Monarchs: Nim♀

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 3

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Silver Gully Pride

Kings: Karanlik

Monarchs: Sky♀ & Malum

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 2

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Adkins Tribe

Alphas: Katurah♀

Betas: Zuri ♂ and Moonlight♀

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0

Essence Tribe

Alphas: Siphon 

Betas: Kevin ♂

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0


Total Females: 2

Total Males: 0

Last updated August 15, 2014  



 ||*Lured Isolation*|| An AU Real life roleplay

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Lured Isolation Admin

||*Lured Isolation*|| An AU Real life roleplay Empty
PostSubject: ||*Lured Isolation*|| An AU Real life roleplay   ||*Lured Isolation*|| An AU Real life roleplay I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2014 4:26 am

||*Lured Isolation*|| An AU Real life roleplay Julli

||*Lured Isolation*||

Pineswood Florida USA is an small abandoned city on the very edge of Florida. The city itself has the smallest population in the US, of only 58 people.. Those people just so happen to be human… Except for one woman... With the death of her family, An extremely powerful witch is in need of a blood sacrifice of every species in the world to bring her family back, causing her to cast a spell to bring one person of every species to her location. But her morning got the best of her, taking a tole to her very powerful spell. Now species from all around the world begin disappearing as they travel to the state of Florida, looking for the witch that has lured them to her. But what will they do when they find out that the witch that has brought them all together, died while doing so? What happens when they are no longer aloud to leave the small abandoned town of Pineswood because the spell trapped them there? What kind of disturbing and deadly creatures will show up, taking residence in this small town? Will they find a witch strong enough to break the spell? What species will get along the best? What species will fight to the death?

Though her spell went terribly wrong, In a way she got what she wanted… All over the world, people begin to come back from the dead, human or not. Her family is back but they don't know how, nor where she is. Families that have taken the time to grieve for their loved ones are now happy to have them back. The people who rose hell and brought nothing but chaos to the world… The people who lived life to the fullest and the people who didn't live at all. But will they come back the same as they were before they died? Or will they come back with a craving for human flesh? Will they turn on their own friends and family, or still have the humanity left to control themselves? Was this one spell the cause of the earths end? Is anyone safe in the outcome of this Lured Isolation?

Staff Positions Open!
Co Owner, Moderators & Advertisers
Some Canons Available, Original Characters welcome
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||*Lured Isolation*|| An AU Real life roleplay
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