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The sun has hidden itself behind dark grey clouds. It looks like a storm is brewing towards us! Females are entering heat and males are getting more aggressive with the strong urge to mate.
Tribe & Pride statics

Crater Lake Pride

Kings: Nuka

Monarchs: Nim♀

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 3

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Silver Gully Pride

Kings: Karanlik

Monarchs: Sky♀ & Malum

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 2

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Adkins Tribe

Alphas: Katurah♀

Betas: Zuri ♂ and Moonlight♀

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0

Essence Tribe

Alphas: Siphon 

Betas: Kevin ♂

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0


Total Females: 2

Total Males: 0

Last updated August 15, 2014  


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 Hiding in death (OPEN)

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Name: Shunook
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PostSubject: Hiding in death (OPEN)   Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:58 am

Oi someone needs to make a topic for loners/rogues.

The dead lands have small rodents runing around the tall dead grass. Few pools of water are found here, well few clean pools i should say. Loners and rogues can be found here hunting or just hangin in the sun filled field. There are some small fallen trees. They can be used for shelter for awhile until they rott.

A red wolf wandered through the dead weeded grass. Lifting her multi colored head the fae scanned the area for any dangers. Bayon was this red wolf's name, curious and risk taking wolf, well normally risk taking. She smelled prides and tribes off aways, but first she wanted to know this land before moving off to join some unknown tribe.
      Bayon had spotted a clear pool of water, small but clean. /First clean pool i've seen in awhile.../ She dug her paws into the dirt and pushed off full speed towards the pool. Water wwas her number one priority, since she could last longer without a meal. She dipped her head into the pool, it smelled clean so she drrank like a pig. /That hit the spot!/Padding off a little ways away to lay under a tree. /I probably should head to those tribes sometime, food will become short soon./ curling into a tight red blacck and brown ball of fur she closed her tired brown eyes and let herself drift into darkness.

Shunook-Crater Lake territory-Seeker?
Thoughts: Hairball!!!!!!!
Crush/Mate: O.O Private >:3

Bayon-...onhold...-With Katurah-
Thoughts: No blood... Try keep calm fight.
Crush/Mate: NO!!!!!! not yet :3
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Hiding in death (OPEN)
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