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The sun has hidden itself behind dark grey clouds. It looks like a storm is brewing towards us! Females are entering heat and males are getting more aggressive with the strong urge to mate.
Tribe & Pride statics

Crater Lake Pride

Kings: Nuka

Monarchs: Nim♀

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 3

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Silver Gully Pride

Kings: Karanlik

Monarchs: Sky♀ & Malum

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 2

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Adkins Tribe

Alphas: Katurah♀

Betas: Zuri ♂ and Moonlight♀

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0

Essence Tribe

Alphas: Siphon 

Betas: Kevin ♂

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0


Total Females: 2

Total Males: 0

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 Sea Cliffs Weyr

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PostSubject: Sea Cliffs Weyr    Sea Cliffs Weyr  I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2014 12:55 am

Sea Cliffs Weyr  SeaCliffsImage2

"What happens when space camp goes awry, and 30 Students are caught in a black hole and transported to a world thought to exist only in imagination?"

"Yes, you heard right. We are the survivors of the crash of the Space Facility Aries, dragged through a black hole to this planet we do not know. Several of the students claim to, but they also claim they do not recognize all they are seeing, that it is not what they know. They also claim it is not possible, that this is a future world and we would have had to travel through TIME as well as Space to get here...

No one knows Black Holes. Maybe it's possible...

Either way, I, Kaira, have 30 students under my wing who I must now try and protect in this strange new world. I am the only adult left..."

We Offer:

-A new look at the world of Pern. Take what you know and discard it. Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue, and Green do not exist. They never did!

-A new spin on the Pern/Earth relations!

-A new Pet species, sea serpents!

- A Pending Hatching with TWO Queen Eggs.
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Sea Cliffs Weyr
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