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The sun has hidden itself behind dark grey clouds. It looks like a storm is brewing towards us! Females are entering heat and males are getting more aggressive with the strong urge to mate.
Tribe & Pride statics

Crater Lake Pride

Kings: Nuka

Monarchs: Nim♀

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 3

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Silver Gully Pride

Kings: Karanlik

Monarchs: Sky♀ & Malum

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 2

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Adkins Tribe

Alphas: Katurah♀

Betas: Zuri ♂ and Moonlight♀

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0

Essence Tribe

Alphas: Siphon 

Betas: Kevin ♂

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0


Total Females: 2

Total Males: 0

Last updated August 15, 2014  



 Adkins Tribe: Tribe of the Brave and Strong

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Adkins Tribe

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Feline/Lupis Sheet
Name: Katurah
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years old

Adkins Tribe: Tribe of the Brave and Strong Empty
PostSubject: Adkins Tribe: Tribe of the Brave and Strong   Adkins Tribe: Tribe of the Brave and Strong I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2014 5:46 am

Adkins Tribe

About leader (This changes when there is a new leader(s): Greetings, I'm Katurah-- the alpha of the Adkins Tribe. I like being in a tribe with loyal wolves and I hope this tribe lasts for generations and generations. Helping out other wolves make me happy and I like to keep everything under control. To me, it's disappointing to see my fellow tribe members fight and argue with each other for numbers of reasons. I will risk my life for my tribe in a heartbeat and I hope that one day, my hard work will pay off.

Description: The Adkins Tribe is the oldest tribe in Pangaea. Their personality is wise and kind but they do think they know everything and think they are always right. They are proud and strong and they don't like to be weak. This tribe is known for its bravery and loyalty. These guys live in a valley with a not to far off ridge that leads to the Essence Tribe.

Tribe/pride character: The personality of the Adkins Tribe wolves is wise, kind, proud and strong. They think they know everything and they are always right. They don't like to be weak and they won't show it. They are brave and loyal-- don't be surprised if they do things that other wolves won't do.

Prey: Rodents, birds, hooved animals, fish
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Adkins Tribe: Tribe of the Brave and Strong
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