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The sun has hidden itself behind dark grey clouds. It looks like a storm is brewing towards us! Females are entering heat and males are getting more aggressive with the strong urge to mate.
Tribe & Pride statics

Crater Lake Pride

Kings: Nuka

Monarchs: Nim♀

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 3

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Silver Gully Pride

Kings: Karanlik

Monarchs: Sky♀ & Malum

Total Females: 5

Total Males: 2

Pregnant Lioness's: 0

Adkins Tribe

Alphas: Katurah♀

Betas: Zuri ♂ and Moonlight♀

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0

Essence Tribe

Alphas: Siphon 

Betas: Kevin ♂

Total Females: 4

Total Males: 4

Pregnant wolves: 0


Total Females: 2

Total Males: 0

Last updated August 15, 2014  



 Essence Tribe

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Essense Tribe

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Feline/Lupis Sheet
Name: Siphon
Gender: Male
Age: 3

Essence Tribe Empty
PostSubject: Essence Tribe   Essence Tribe I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2014 2:17 am

Essence Tribe

About leader: The Alpha of Essence Tribe is a large male with a gorgeous black pelt. He's a laid back male for the most part unless he is challenged. He expects to be respected and refuses to allow others to treat him with anything other than respect. 

Tribe Description: The Tribe is the youngest tribe in Pangaea. It's still growing and it carries quite an attitude. The Tribe is hidden in a lovely forest that leads out to a Valley filled with Prairie Dogs and not far from there Adkins Tribe is located.

Tribe/pride character: They are selfish and more cruel than the other tribe and are very displeased when they are wrong. The Essence Tribe has trouble trusting wolves that are not in their Tribe which makes things harder for them to gain members. They are often hostile to unknown wolves who trespass onto their territory without making their presence known. They are sly, smart, and fierce. 

Prey: Fish, wild hogs, deer, small mammals.
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Essence Tribe
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